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Kevin Dunton

Wellness Coach Kevin Dunton

We know people do not like strangers coming in and telling them how to live their lives. That is why our coaches take the time to build trusting, authentic relationships with our clients. We are your personal health cheerleaders.

We co-create a vision that is meaningful and supports healthy lifestyle changes, whatever those may be. Using motivational interviewing, we help people discover what is keeping them from following the healthy changes they would like to see. Our health coaching can be provided in both one-on-one sessions and in a group session. Every business and its employees are different, and we will work to tailor programs that meet your needs. We can also develop custom online seminar sessions that address topics pertinent for your employees. All our services are delivered online through secure Zoom teleconferencing.

Our coaches often start by evaluating information about your employees. Other information that helps includes a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) or collecting biometric screening data from your employees. By gathering biometric information, we can help you understand the health needs of your unique population and implement wellness programs that are targeted and meaningful.

In addition to the screenings, we work with our providers through Northern Light Health to develop clinical guidelines to determine the frequency of collecting certain biometric information. Using these guidelines, we can eliminate the need for costly lab tests year after year and improve the overall employee experience. Our Health Risk Assessment is the first step in understanding how people feel about their health and what health issues they may be facing. The information we gather helps us identify potential solutions. When pairing your employee’s HRA results with our health coaching we are able recommend realistic solutions that affect lifestyle and behavior change.

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Meet Danielle (Dani) Reardon!

Dani’s Wellness Philosophy

I believe the root of a happy and successful life begins and ends with health and wellness. Looking at the whole picture and all the things that make up a person’s life help us find a path forward that can greatly improve someone’s overall quality of life. I am inspired and driven by the power of change and our mind/body connection. I am grateful to be a part of people’s journeys.

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